Halloween Crafts – Coffin Guy

Your parents will have to help you with this project. Even though this project is easy once you get going, it requires the use of tools to complete (cutters and cutting plexiglass).


What You Need:


  • Cardboard boxes (3 of equal length)
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Spray paint (black and white)
  • Styrofoam ball for head
  • Cloths (dead guys)
  • Newspaper
  • Pillows
  • Christmas snow
  • Plastic spiders, worms, snakes, maggots, bugs
  • Plexiglass (cut to fit top of coffin)
  • Sandpaper
  • Cotton batting
  • Christmas lights (either white, green or red)

What To Do:


  1. Make a coffin from boxes. First cut one side off each of the boxes that will be used to make the ends of your coffin. With a pencil label them boxes 1 and 3. Cut 2 ends off the third box. With a pencil label it box 2. This will leave 2 sides to the box. Tape box number 2 to boxes 1 and 3, connecting all the sides together. Make sure you expand out the sides like a coffin is, in a triangular shape on the sides. Spray paint the entire coffin black. Then, VERY lightly, spray paint white on the coffin to make it look old.
  2. You can either spray pain the inside of the box with white paint, or lay pillows on the bottom to form a cushion for your corpse to lay on.
  3. Start with a Styrofoam head. Either draw a decaying face on the foam, or, use a scary mask or skeleton head.
  4. Stuff a shirt and pants with newspaper. Be sure to add the little details like a tie, belt and shoes. You can make your corpse a girl if you want too.
  5. Now put some Christmas snow on your corpse. This gives the effect of being cold.
  6. Add spiders, lizards, snakes, if you like for effect. Be creative. How about placing a snake slithering out of the skeletons eye socket. Or worms coming out the mouth and ears.
  7. String some Christmas lights around your corpse.
  8. Now take a sheet of plexiglass to cover the entire thing. This is a fantastic effect and shouldn’t be excluded. Cut it to fit properly over your coffin. If your glass cracks don’t worry about it. It will add to the effect. Sand the edges so they are smooth.
  9. To make the plexiglass look cold, spray it VERY lightly with white spray paint or use Christmas snow around the edges. Paint holds up better through the years. Place the plexiglass over the coffin making sure your electrical cord for the lights is hanging out and can reach an outlet. Put masking tape on either sides of the plexiglass and attach it to the coffin.
  10. Place some cotton batting around the edges of the coffin. This is optional. The spray paint or Christmas snow may be enough. It is your choice.
  11. Turn down or completely turn off the lights in the room. WOW!!!
  12. To make this effect is more spooky, how about adding some dry ice in a bucket behind the coffin. What a GREAT effect!
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