Robot Fun Facts

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine that can complete a series of actions automatically. Robots can be any shape or size.


How do robots move?

Electronic circuits make is able to move. These can be controlled by radio signals from a distance, a local remote or a computer.


Where does the word “robot” come from?

The word “robot” was first used in a Czech play in 1920. It comes from the Czech word for work or labour.


Can robots feel?

Robots cannot feel emotions. However, they can be built to have senses. Television cameras have light sensitive cells that can “see” for the robot. Some robots have touch-sensitive pads that enable it to pick up a delicate object without breaking it.


What is an Android?

Simply, an android is a robot shaped like a human being.


Do we use robots for dangerous jobs?

Yes. When a task is too dangerous for a human to do, a robot may be sent in to carry out a series of complicated tasks. Robots are used to deactivate booby-trapped bombs, handle dangerous chemicals and take reads in dangerous areas of the Earth, such as volcano’s. Robots are sometimes destroyed during these tasks. As much as we do not want to loose the robot, a loss of human life would be far worse.


Are robots used in factories?

Yes. Humans control the robots and fix anything that goes wrong, but robots carry out tedious tasks. For example, in the production line of a car assembly, they may have a robot that will tighten the tire screws instead of having a human do the job.


Do they use robots in space?

Yes. Robots have been sent to Mars. These robots collect soil, rock and atmosphere samples, analyze them and then send the data back to Earth. Missions manned by robots are a lot cheaper than sending humans. You can also leave a human on a distant planet forever. You can’t do that to a human!


Will robots be able to think for themselves?

This is not known. In many ways, after being programed properly, they already think for themselves. They are able to assess a lot of information in a particular circumstance and make a decision based on what they “know”. Some robots even learn! If they make a mistake they learn not to repeat it.


What is animatronics?

Animatronics is a method of animating models by using specially developed robotic techniques. They use this for museum displays and cinema work. You can see it when you watch such things as humans being eaten or beaten up by dinosaurs, aliens or monsters.


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a series of effects produced by a computer that enables someone wearing special equipment to feel as if they are really within an artificially created world. Wearing electronically controlled gloves and other clothing make it possible for you to think you can feel objects in the virtual world. A helmet relays sounds and pictures to you. I’ve had this experience when I was overseas and I LOVED it! If you see this technology at a science fair, get in line to experience it!!

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