Babysitting Rules for Young Babysitters

  • Do not allow your friends to come over and visit you without permission from the parents. Even then, it really isn’t a good idea. It is hard to watch children when you are socializing with friends.
  • If you have brought homework to do, try and do it when the children are sleeping. If you must do your homework when they are awake, do it at the kitchen table and give the children some coloring or crafts to do at the table with you.
  • Do not allow children to climb or jump off of furniture or other things.
    Make sure all doors and windows are locked and watch that the children do not get out of the house when your back is turned.

  • Do not use the phone for longer than a few minutes. You are there to watch small children and it only takes a seconds for something to go terribly wrong.
  • Do not use any kitchen appliance without the permission of the parents. If you do need to use an appliance, make sure the children are well out of harms way. Read Kitchen Safety Rules
  • Do not use the parents computer, sound system or any other electronic equipment without their permission. Make sure they explain to you how things work before leaving the house.
  • Follow any other rules that the parent tells you about.
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