100th Day Of School

You are finally half way through the school year!

Most schools in our community celebrate the half way point of the school year with a 100th Day celebration! Teachers and students mark the event with special activities with a “100” theme to them.

Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate The 100th Day Of School!

  • In your school calender, find the 100th day and mark it with a big red “100”.
  • On the first day of school start a colorful caterpillar that will stretch around the classroom. Add a new numbered body part everyday until you reach your goal of 100!
  • Make up your own trail mix using 100 items of each ingredient. Cheerios, Shreddies, peanuts, pretzels, raisins, dried fruit, etc.
  • Do everything 100 times today. Brushing your teeth and hair, chewing, strides, bending, jumping, etc.
  • Kids can learn counting to 100 and visualizing how many 100 is by reading COUNT TO 100 Board book by FELICITY BROOKS.
  • For Phys. Ed. Do and count 10 sets of: sit-ups, touching the toes, jumping on both feet, jumping jacks, lifting arms in the air, 10 hops on one foot (then 10 on the other), bounces of a ball, claps and shrugs.
  • Make a stack of 100 pennies! Don’t let it tip.
  • Make an edible necklace using 100 Cheerios or Fruit Loops.
  • Have your students imagine what life would be like in a hundred years. Ask them to draw a picture of what it would look like.
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